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Perfectly Prepared | Platinum Edition | 9 DVD/CD Set

Perfectly Prepared | Prenatal Birthing & Fitness | 9 Disc DVD/CD SetLearn techniques that allow expectant mothers to give birth as naturally or medically supported as they desire. Additionally, learn not only how to lose weight post partum, but how to avoid packing on the pounds during pregnancy.

This ultimate prenatal birthing and fitness instruction takes a scholarly path to prepared prenatal parenting. Designed to empower astute parents with the most comprehensive and objective course available. This 9-disc set includes:

  • 1. Prenatal Yoga DVD
  • 2. Prenatal Cardio DVD
  • 3. Prenatal Toning DVD
  • 4. All About Labor DVD
  • 5. Prenatal Nutrition Audio CD
  • 6. Relaxation & Pain Management Audio CD
  • 7. Common Concerns & Solutions Audio CD
  • 8. Birth Options Audio CD
  • 9. Postpartum Recovery Audio CD

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Perfectly Prepared
[Platinum Ed.]
4 DVDs
5 CDs
$99.95 FREE
Perfectly Prepared
[Gold Ed.]
3 DVDs
3 CDs
$59.95 FREE
Labor 101 1 DVD
2 CDs
$34.95 FREE
Prenatal Yoga 2 DVDs
1 CD
$19.95 FREE

What Patients Are Saying

"Becky Rasmussen is great at creating a learning environment where couples can grow together. She has a way of teaching you to work together—both before, during, and after birth. And she was exactly what we needed to have the birth experience we hoped for."
Jenny & Elijah Nielson, Naples, Florida

"We always knew that we wanted to have a natural childbirth, and it was after working with Becky that we felt empowered and confident in our abilities to welcome our first baby girl into our family. Since then we have shared the methods and techniques that we learned with friends and family members, and used them again with the birth of our second daughter. Working with Becky helped lay the foundation for what have been two of the most wonderful experiences of my life, welcoming my daughters into this world."
Emily & Tyler Gibb, NYC, NY

"Taking instruction from Becky gave me an opportunity to get a alternative perspective to the traditional childbirthing approach (doctors and hospitals). I liked knowing all the options that are/were available to me as a pregnant women. It allowed me to be more involved in my own labor and delivery and have better discussions with my ob during my doctor visits. I also found the relaxation techniques and exercises to be very beneficial."
Rachael & Matthew Haney, Cedar Hills, UT

"Taking my childbirth education class put me back in control. It taught me that not only could I have a baby without medication, I could make choices regarding much of my care as well. After experiencing natural childbirth I also discovered that I was able to recover much more easily than I did after my medicated births."
Cheryl & Eric Dunne, American Fork, UT

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Becky Rasmussen, a Certified Child Birth Educator (CBE) and mother of seven, has coached more than a thousand expectant parents on effective birthing and fitness. Having personally birthed babies both medicated and unmedicated, she offers a fresh and objective class that is recommended by both doctors and midwives alike. Becky is also published on the topics of nutrition and healthy living.

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